I am a freelance director, videographer and editor based in Wellington, New Zealand. I work on a range of corporate and creative video projects around New Zealand, usually as a one-man production.

I have been shooting and editing for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest childhood memories is using a toilet roll insert as an imaginary camera. I found a fascination in framing the world I saw (albeit oval to begin with) so when I got older I worked after school and weekends to save up enough to buy my first camera. I forcefully recruited family and friends as actors and began making really bad short films. I used two VHS recorders as an editing system by playing footage on one and carefully pressing record/stop on the other to select clips and build a sequence.

Thankfully, technology moved on and continues to advance at an astonishing rate making today a very exciting time to be a low budget filmmaker.

I moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 2010 and gradually gained work as a freelance filmmaker and videographer. In August 2011 I got a nice kick start when I gained international media attention for my short film ‘Snow On Cuba Mall’ which was featured in The Washington Post, Atlantic Magazine, L’express as well as New Zealand’s TV3 News, Stuff, and Ireland’s RTE TV News.

Since then I have worked for some great clients on countless projects and continue to enjoy the fresh challenges each day brings. I’m always on the lookout for new projects so if you have a need or an idea for a video/film please feel free to get in touch.

To view a range of my past work click here.