Miller Compass 12 Tripod Review

Miller Tripod review

ETHICS STATEMENT: I have not been paid by Miller to write this review. Miller asked me to write an article/review for their Sharpshooters site (here) but all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by Miller in any way. I usually operate as a one man band and was on the lookout for … read more

The growth of online video

Growth of online video

It’s incredible how much the internet has evolved since the first time I heard the clicks and squeals of an internet modem almost 20 years ago. I still remember my patient anticipation as I waited for a single page of text to load on a Mosaic or Netscape browser. At that time, the speed of … read more

Corporate video production for videographers

Corporate Video production for videographers

Corporate videos have always had a reputation of being cheesy, dull and unimaginative. And rightly so! Let’s face it, we’ve all cringed at them! It’s usually a mixture of bad music, terrible acting, inaudible sound, dodgy editing, and just general bad taste. There are many reasons why these videos are as bad as they are … read more

Why I moved from mac back to PC

Mac to PC

I recently upgraded my camera to a Sony NEX-FS700 which was a massive improvement in quality and performance over the DSLRs I had been using (read my review here). But since I spend the majority of my time working on my computer, be it editing, grading or the day to day running of my business, … read more

My first weekend with Sony’s new FS700 camcorder

FS7002 review

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