I have two main objectives with any production:

1. Make a highly effective video which exceeds the expectations of my client.
2. Make it an easy and pleasant experience for my client.

The video production process usually consists of the following stages:


On initial contact we discuss the specific requirements such as the purpose, style, deadline and budget for the production. Once my quote is approved, work begins on refining ideas and developing the script for the video. Usually the client will provide an outline or key points to be covered in the script and from there I develop and edit it to a point where it is ready for production. This means getting a sense of what the company and it’s product or service is about and then designing a video that captures that unique essence in a way that appeals to their target market. As with every step of the process, the client has final approval of the script. Final dates for the shoot are then locked in and any other details are discussed.

Production / Filming

My objective at this stage is to get the best possible footage and audio recording without causing any hassle to my client. The filming location is most often on the business premises (although alternative locations can be arranged). My first step is to set up and/or control the lighting in the space that I will be filming in. Good lighting is key to achieving a professional look and is massively overlooked by many other video production companies. My next step is to “dress the set” which means positioning background objects to make each shot look pleasant. Filming may involve recording talking-head interviews with members of staff (and possibly their clients) and recording additional footage such as staff at work and shots of the premises, products, etc. Good audio recording is extremely important and is another area that is often overlooked by many other video production providers. Filming time varies from project to project but can be as little as half a day.

Post Production

This is where the magic happens. A video consists of footage, audio recording, music and graphics. Mixing these elements is a fine art and can make or break a production. It’s a highly creative process and the essence of the business, product or service must be at its core. The process includes choosing the right music, creating the right pace/flow through editing, creating the right “look” through colour grading and designing appropriate motion graphics to highlight important information. The first edit is sent to the client for feedback. I then implement any requested changes and produce the final version of the video, either on DVD, flash drive and/or upload to your preferred internet host (youtube, vimeo, or your own server).

Video Search Optimisation

This applies to any video that will be placed online. There is no use in just uploading a video to Youtube and hoping people will find it. The video must be tagged correctly and sent through your social media channels. I offer advice on how to make the most out of the video. Remember, the demand for online video content it rapidly increasing. Youtube is now the second most popular search engine which means people are looking for products or services by typing it into the Youtube search bar. If your video is not tagged properly it will not be found.

I usually work as a one-man operation but occasionally recruit additional personnel if the project requires it. This keeps costs low for my clients whilst ensuring a high quality video is delivered. Not having a large crew on location also means that it is a far less intimidating experience for any staff who may not be used to being in front of a camera. This results in a much more natural and convincing video.

If a project requires specialist skills such as complex visual effects or motion graphics, I have a network of specialised personnel on standby if required.

My aim is to always exceed the expectations of my clients. Video production is sometimes seen as a tedious process but I pride myself on giving my clients a hassle-free experience with a very effective end result.